Tanta Trouble

Sessions Two and Three
Things get slightly more complicated

After retrieving the Old One artifact, the party and Inquisitor Kraul went to talk with Governor Lachance. James’ character then proceeded to take a sniper round for the governor, completely derailing the campaign. GG guys.
With that confrontation now having no way to happen, the party recieved their second mission to destroy a Tau munitions dump. They did so in style, however their Thunderhawk was shot down as they exited the planet. Badly wounded and running low on ammo, they re-established radio contact, boarded a Tau orca, killed an Ethereal and then managed to return to a beat-up Emperor’s Justice 42/Mambo Number Five.

It turns out that Kraul gave the order to shoot the Thunderhawk out of the sky, before using the Old One artifact to boost his psychic potential and kill a great deal of the ship’s crew before teleporting to a Chaos Warship that arrived out of nowhere and blasted the hell out of the Justice. With the kill-team back on board, Inquisitor Maur gloats for a few seconds (“I TOLD YOU SO!”) before taking them under his own personal command and setting after the rogue inquisitor – towards the Sabbat Worlds.

Session One

Well, that was eventful enough. The artifact was retrieved with nary a hitch, thanks to a diverson from the PDF and the fact that all those Kroot the Tau sent to guard it actually could not break through the Kill Team’s power armor. In fact, the only injury on the entire mission was caused by the Lamenter accidentally throwing his chainsword at the Space Wolf’s chest. There’s that Lamenter Luck for you, about as bad as the Parker Luck. Retrieving the artifact, they only briefly opened the case, and promptly shut it again when purple light came out because in the 40k universe Purple = BAD.

Otherwise, they chose not to inform Maur about exactly what had occured on the surface, instead giving him just enough information to keep him interested. He has requested that they keep an eye on Kraul for him.


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