Watch Captain Julius

Overall commander of the three Kill Teams sent out to join Inquisitor Kraul and Inquisitor Maur.


Tall even for a Space Marine, clad in ancient Artificer Power Armor featuring a host of medallions and a Crux Terminatus, symbolizing his right to use Terminator Armor should he choose to. He has a closely cropped head of coal black hair and grey eyes. No less than ten silver studs line his right eye, symbolizing one hundred years of service to the Imperium.


The highest ranking Deathwatch marine in the system, formerly a member of the Ultramarine’s Tyrannic War Veterans. He is renowned for his skill with both bolter and blade, and he carries the Sword of Calaman, an ancient Power Sword originally wielded by his Storm Warden predecessor Watch Captain Macleod, who used it to destroy a Tyranid Hive Tyrant in his few seconds of life (The blade was already swinging to deliver the fatal blow when the Hive Tyrant decapitated Macleod, who was just flat-out refusing to die at that point). He has a deep respect for the Storm Wardens because of Macleod’s sacrifice, and rigorously practices his swordsmanship each day, often to the point where briefings have to be delivered in the Training Cages while he begins his warm up exercises.

He frowns upon actions not according to the Codex Astartes, but being in the position that he is acknowledges that they are necessary, but stubbornly maintains that he doesn’t have to like it.

Watch Captain Julius

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