Inquisitor Ubul Kraul

The Inquisitor who assigns the Deathwatch their first mission, to retrieve an artifact that is linked to the Necrontyr...or possibly the Old Ones.


A short, dark-skinned man with a long silver beard and blue eyes. His bald scalp has multiple faded scars criss-crossing it, forming a disfigured Aquila. Rumor has it that this was carved into his head in mockery when he was captured by a Slaneeshi cult during his tenure as an Interrogator.

A venerable Inquisitor, he’s not going to join you in battle. From reputation, you know he’s a formidable hand-to-hand combatant, and judging from the force staff on his back quite the powerful psyker too.


Target is now presumed to be using Xenotech to boost psychic potential, and is working in concert with the Chaos forces occupying the Sabbat Worlds. The Deathwatch are in pursuit.


A senior member of the Ordo Xenos, his retinue was killed failing to destroy a Necron tomb before it awoke. Even though some of them were still alive at the time, Kraul decided to cut his losses and order Exterminatus on the planet, causing his former interrogator Leopald Maur to practically declare open warfare on him, a rarity in the Inquisition, even by their backstabbing standards. Still rather young for an inquisitor, only just entering his second century, he believes that he has found the secret to finally being able to fight – he isn’t naive enough to say defeat – the Necrons on equal terms, an Old One artifact on the planet Tanta II.

Inquisitor Ubul Kraul

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